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Athalie Consulting - 'There are several forms of digital presence. Our goal is to create unique, high quality content for our partners!''

We are very pleased that we chose ATHALIE CONSULTING to create our website. Not only did we get a full service, but we also got to know a reliable and professional team. We got everything solved, their professional experience helped us a lot and they took a lot of work off our shoulders with their proactive approach. It is clear that we will continue to rely on them in the future. Our work together has been smooth and successful. Thank you for all your help and patience!

Rajnai Katalin - Project Manager és Head of Marketing

Professional, precise, reliable and punctual team. They perform their tasks with the utmost professionalism. They carry out our goals with the same care as if they were their own ones.

Dr. Léna Kőhalmi Lawyer

"I have been working with Athalie for years. I recommend them to everyone. I always get exhaustive and comprehensible answers to my questions, and in case of technical problems, they are quick and thorough."

Kovács- Kásler Anita Owner, CEO HolyShirt Kft.-,

Réka, please tell the others, too, that I love my site. I look at it a lot during the day, because I really like it! You have also seen that I am not difficult to work with. I'm happy to compromise, I understand normally explained technical things, I don't have unfulfillable expectations... and I appreciate your excellent work! You were a great team, punctual, good, helpful! I am grateful for everything! Really that's what it's all about, making me want to visit my own site!

Dr. Horányi Ildikó photographer -

The Athalie Consulting team proved their competence and professionalism in the development of the website for our company. Throughout the project, they were cooperative and constructive in answering our questions and commenting on our suggestions. Thank you for your work and we will continue our cooperation!

Dr. Tamás Bódis CoReLog Ltd. -

I consider precision and competence very important in my own service. This is what Athalie Consulting has provided me with. Do they keep delivering what – and as – I reqest. Our cooperation always runs smoothly. I can approach them with specific requests and they deliver. They have personalized my online calendar, where my clients can easily book appointments for specific cosmetic services. The website is sophisticated, transparent and of course user-friendly. The system works perfectly and I can only thank them for their work. I wish them every success and recommend them to everyone.

Harka-Kovács Marianna - Company Manager

A very professional company and a smooth process.

Tóth Emese - PolygonStudio

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