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What happens in a free Athalie Consulting session?

At Athalie Consulting, a free consultation session is preceded by an appointment. We usually meet at the client’s office, at a convenient location or online. We introduce ourselves. We briefly introduce Athalie Consulting and the partner explains what they do.

We then move on to the problem to be solved. Help is sometimes requested to implement a specific idea, in most cases though the client only knows the end goal. Usually, the broad outlines of possible solutions are agreed upon and the detailed elaboration is a later task. The quotation is either given after the meeting, once the broad outline is known, or, in more complex cases, we draw up a design with a specification and, if the client agrees with the content, a quotation is made for the specification. The typical duration of a meeting is 1-1.5 hours.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

What do I need to start a website?

The purpose of a website
The first step to launching a website is to have the determination and a clear understanding of its purpose. The goal is usually “just to be present in the digital world”. Nowadays, this is not enough, a more specific aim is recommended, because we build the site around this. In a free consultation, we help our clients set a more specific goal that will drive their business forward. After the goals, the expected features need to be agreed upon.

With these in mind, we can make a proposal, whether it is for a presentation page, a webshop or the development of a custom feature.

Website starters
Technically, a website requires a domain name, which must be purchased from a domain provider; a hosting space, which is purchased from a hosting provider; and in some cases an SSL certificate for secure browsing; as well as web templates and plugins. When building a website, we take care of everything, the client does not have to deal with the technical details. And all elements are explained in detail during the consultation.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a cloud-based business efficiency service operated by Microsoft. At its core is the Office suite of applications (Word, Excel, …), which is now available as a cloud service. It also offers a wide range of cloud-based, secure, customisable, high-availability services and hosting. It is a monthly or annual fee licensing model, which can manage the Office suite as well as Windows. This allows you and your colleagues to access your business materials securely from anywhere. It can also manage your mobile devices, so you can keep your materials safe there too.

We can also help our partners buy licences.

How can I subscribe to Office 365?

Through a reseller or by contacting Microsoft.

Resellers do not charge extra for licences. They can usually help with product support.

Athalie Consulting has also become a Microsoft partner
We have also become a Microsoft partner, so we have full flexibility to parameterise your subscriptions. This way we can help you not only with the planning but also with the purchase, which can be parameterised and modified 7/24.

We’ll take the preliminary survey steps, design the system, configure the components, then provide training and product support. Please contact us for details.

How can I manage my colleagues' access rights centrally?

Information security and rights management is an important task for everyone. You will have encountered the challenge of restricting certain types of access for some colleagues. Once the functions to be restricted have been clarified, a technology can be chosen.

Authorisation levels
One option is file-level access management, which is solved in O365, locally managed files can be protected by NTFS privilege management. Internet access management can also be arranged, i.e. which users can access what content (if any) on the Internet. There is also an action level access management, which defines what actions users can perform, what they can and cannot install on their computer.

Designing an access model requires system level assessment, please contact us at Athalie Consulting for details.

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