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About us

Athalie Consulting – Creating innovative digital experiences.


About us

How did Athalie Consulting come about?

After university we didn’t stop. We decided that we would rather serve the specific market needs at a high level. To do a profession that we love and that we identify with. So we started training in our spare time.

We went to courses, we browsed forums until dawn, we looked at online training abroad. We surrounded ourselves with inspiring, dedicated people – later colleagues – and created Athalie Consulting.


helps us to build supportive, collaborative, non-gaming relationships with our partners and team players. Where the individual, the company and their goals and vision are our top priority.

Our fields



Technical SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Microsoft 365

Microsoft Infrastructure


Training courses, education

Website development

Nowadays, it’s essential to have your business, organisation, portfolio or passion on the web if you want people to find you. Keeping up with today’s technology trends, we can help you choose the right framework or custom development that will make your website stand out of from the competition.

You can find our references here.


To access your website, you need a domain name. To make it easier for our partners, Athalie Consulting handles domain registration. You may choose between Hungarian and international domain names (.hu, .com, .de, ….).

To host your website, we provide fast cPanel hosting running on SSD, available in standard and premium performance. The 1–150 GB web hosting spaces may also be dedicated servers.

If you choose us, everything related to your website will run smoother.

You can find our references here.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Marketing copywriting

Once your website is up and running, it needs to be found by your target audience, and one of the basic tools for this is search engine optimisation, or SEO for short.

Technical SEO
This is not just about stuffing your website’s text with keywords, but also about optimising its deeper layers. This is how Google’s search engine “indexes” (evaluates) it and ranks it higher in the search results. For this reason, it is very important for Google’s algorithms that the user experience is perfect. One of the foundations of this is that your site is fast and up-to-date. There are also many other practices that need to be put in place to achieve this.

Without technical SEO, SEO copywriting is just the tip of the iceberg.

Microsoft Office 365 implementation, consulting and operation

Microsoft 365 is a suite of office software with subscription-based licensing. We design the required catalogue of services, the optimal subscription model, and then perform the appropriate configuration.

If necessary, we migrate the data stored on local resources (intranet, mail…) to the cloud or create the required solutions there. After implementation, we also provide training and product support. Athalie Consulting is already a Microsoft Partner, so we can provide licenses to our partners.

Microsoft-based server and client management

We specialise in the design, implementation and operation of physical and virtual clients, servers and systems. Review of existing processes and systems, automation design, implementation of monitoring solutions, cost optimization. We can help you to successfully deliver your projects, implement new solutions or operate existing systems.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is the umbrella name for Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure and services platform. It is the platform where almost all products and services used in IT are available: virtual machines, virtual networks, storage, applications, platforms, databases.

Corporate tranings (office software)

Athalie Consulting organises training courses for companies and enterprises on Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, Intune. We can organize trainings lasting several days or a few hours. It depends on the needs of the company and the level of preparedness of your staff.


Digital experience