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Comprehensive protection
for all your company’s IT devices.

Optimize your business IT security:
configuration, Patch Management,
Email and Endpoint Protection

Discover how Athalie Security Umbrella
provides continuous protection against cyberthreats without
causing any inconvenience.

In today’s digital world,
security challenges
are becoming increasingly complex.

Our solution, Athalie Security Umbrella (ASU for short) is an integrated security service that provides comprehensive protection for your business. Athalie Consulting tailors modern business needs, offering cost-effective solutions that enhance customer experience while complying with international standards and directives.

Mi történik, ha nem fordítok kellő figyelmet az IT biztonságra?

Neglecting IT security can lead to significant risks, including data loss, system downtime, and financial losses. Incidents arising from a lack of proper protective measures can result in legal consequences and damage to brand reputation.

Athalie Security Umbrella helps to minimize these risks with a comprehensive security approach.

Recently, there was an example of what an IT security incident entails:

*Image source:*

Significant data protection fines were imposed on the developer company of the school data management platform, KRÉTA system, due to the 2022 data protection incident, requiring the developer company to pay 110 million forints.”

– Recently seen in the news, as a significant legal consequence due to the low IT security solutions causing the incident.

If you want to minimize the possibility of such an incident, you need to focus on IT security and outsource it to Athalie Consulting.
Minimizing the possibility of such an incident is a complex task.

It is important to adhere to current security regulations and ensure protection on multiple fronts.

If you want to sleep peacefully and outsource this complex task, then ASU will take this burden off your shoulders.

What is Athalie?
Security Umbrella?

It is an IT security service specializing in protecting cloud-based and on-premises systems. Integrated with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Defender, and Microsoft Intune
products, it offers protection ideal for small and large enterprises using these systems. The service is built on the NIST CyberSecurity Framework elements, ensuring protection, detection, and response to IT security risks or incidents.

  • For every company obligated under NIS2,
  • Or possessing ISO27001 certification
  • For any other business where cybersecurity is considered important.

Who do we recommend it for?

Who do we recommend it for?

  • For any company obligated under NIS2,
  • Or holds ISO27001 certification
  • For any other business where cybersecurity is considered important.

What does ASU include?

The latest security settings for various systems are performed based on internationally recognized standards, manufacturer recommendations, and legal obligations. (Microsoft, Center for Internet Security, ISO27001, NIST, NIS2)

Athalie Security Umbrella benefits include comprehensive protection, which encompasses:

Végpontvédelmi megoldások

Notebooks, mobile devices

According to Kaspersky’s report, globally, an average of 300,000 to 400,000 new malicious files are detected daily.

E-mail biztonság

The cyberattacks more than 90% start with phishing emails, and 40% of incidents are caused by malware (malicious attachments).

AI támogatott fenyegetettség felismerés

Threat Intelligence
Security Event Management –
SIEM Integrations

According to the 2023 report by Vectra AI, Security Operations Centers (SOCs) receive an average of 4,484 alerts daily.

Szoftverek biztonságos konfigurációja

Security Hardening

According to SocRadar analysis, improper configuration of applications is responsible for one-third of cybersecurity incidents.

Automatizált Biztonsági Frissítések

Patch Management

Approximately every third data security incident could be prevented by timely updating software and systems

Kiszivárgott jelszavak figyelése

About half of data breaches are due to stolen user login credentials.

*The above security services can be expanded in the Premium package.

The Athalie Security Umbrella reduces cybersecurity incidents by 80%.

Those Who Already Rely on Us for Security


Kérd ingyenes sérülékenység vizsgálatunkat

Not sure if it’s worth it for you or if you even need to secure your IT at this level for your company?

Receive a complimentary vulnerability assessment and configuration analysis worth 100,000 HUF as a gift from us to see that we are professionals and to demonstrate that there are relevant vulnerable configurations on your computer.


For complex systems, a detailed survey is necessary where we register the Electronic Information System (EIR) systems, as both NIS2 and ISO27001 require this inventory. We typically recommend an internal (whitebox) vulnerability assessment to assess the current state.

The results of this survey reveal the current status and enable the formulation of a security strategy. During the initial contact discussion for the comprehensive audit, we emphasize and include this separately in the quotation; it is not part of the packages listed below.

Belépő szintű csomag

Recommended for companies with 5-10 employees

Fixed 80,000 HUF + VAT /month

Security Solutions:

  • Endpoint Protection (notebook and mobile device)
  • Security Event Management – SIEM Integration
  • Email Security
  • AI-Supported Threat Detection – Threat Intelligence
  • Secure Software Configuration – Security Hardening
  • Automated Security Updates – Patch Management
  • Monitoring of Leaked Passwords

Premium csomag

Recommended for businesses with more than 10 employees

Hourly rate construction, task list settlement
(18,000 HUF/hour + VAT)

  • Based on our experience, companies with 20-25 employees typically require at least 10 hours per month for security supervision, although rarely more than 20 hours.
  • For larger managed IT systems, ask about our discounted hourly rates.
  • Available for companies obligated to ISO27001 and NIS2, our Information Security Officer (IBF) service.
  • Comprehensive IT security audits and IT security strategy planning.
  • The scope of security supervision includes any requested system in addition to entry-level package elements. The systems and their critical classifications are determined by initial audit results, enabling inclusion under security supervision. (Internal applications, firewall devices, proxies, log collection systems, access control system logs, etc.)

(Additional IT consulting or IT security services can be ordered alongside our monthly security monitoring packages.)

According to the statistics, more than 500 companies are affected by security incidents per hour.
If you want to avoid becoming the next one,
contact us.


How complex is the installation and implementation of the Athalie Security Umbrella?

Our service is designed to be easily integratable and deployable with minimal technical intervention. We manage the installation and setup process comprehensively to ensure smooth and rapid deployment.

How does it work in practice?

The Athalie Security Umbrella is a service that integrates with client-side systems. The necessary Microsoft licenses are acquired, which can even be sourced from Athalie Consulting as we are Microsoft partners. After configuring the security solutions, we integrate the client’s security solutions with Athalie‘s supervisory systems and security monitoring begins.

What will happen after you apply?

Contacting us is non-binding! After your inquiry, we will contact you by phone or email to schedule an appointment. During this discussion, we will assess your IT infrastructure, license requirements, and determine the scope and depth of security supervision.

We will prepare a personalized quote and schedule. Upon acceptance, we will sign the contract and begin our collaboration.

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